MCC beat O&C to go Top

The Oxford & Cambridge Club lost at home to the MCC in the Cup 2-6, however they won the friendly boards 2-1.

O&C (listed first) were white on odd boards

  1. Terry Chapman 0.5 Adam Eckersley Waites 0.5
  2. Nigel White 0 Tom Eckersley Waites 1
  3. Peter Webster 0 Dominic Lawson 1
  4. John Alderson 0 Ian Reynolds 1
  5. Anna York-Andersen 1 Ed Goodall 0
  6. John Godfray 0 Nick Collacott 1
  7. Vivian Woodward 0.5 Chris Waites 0.5
  8. David Jones 0 David Bates 1


Mike Smart 0.5 Peter Rust 0.5

Adrian Bingham 1 Wil Ransome 0

Edie Sariev 0.5 Henry Blank 0.5


MCC defeat Hurlingham

The MCC beat Hurlingham 6-0 at home in the Cup.

Tom Eckersley-Waites 1-0 Michael Yeoh

Keith Richardson         1-0 Chris Clark

Ian Reynolds                1-0 David Mendes da Costa

David Bates                 1-0 Phillip Fleury

Peter Rust                   1-0 Paul Mustafa

Michael Clappé            1-0 Russell Hutchons


The 2016 Speed Chess Tournament

The RAC hosted another successful speed chess tournament last night.

The evening ended in a three-way tie for first place between the RAC A team, the MCC A team, and the Chelsea Arts Club.

  1. Chelsea Arts Club, Marylebone Cricket Club (A), Royal Automobile Club (A) 10 points each
  2. Oxford & Cambridge (A) 7 ½ points
  3. Marylebone Cricket Club (B) Royal Automobile Club (B)     6 ½ points each
  4. Reform 5 ½ points
  5. Hurlingham 3 ½ points
  6. East India/Oriental/RAC Clubs 3 points
  7. Athenaeum 2 ½ points
  8. Royal Automobile Club (C) 1 ½ points
  9. Oxford & Cambridge (B) ½ point

The photo below features the winning captains from right to left Chris Waites (MCC), Mike Ratcliffe (Chelsea Arts), Stephen Meyler (RAC), and Chelsea Arts board 1 GM Julian Hodgson.

Cup winners

The photo below demonstrates the strength of the tournament’s competitors and the good spirit of the evening.Richard Black (CAC) and Roger Emerson (RAC) look on all smiles whilst GM Julian Hodgson (CAC) shakes hands with IM Nigel Povah (RAC).

all smiles