MCC and Athenaeum Draw

The MCC drew with The Athenaeum 3-3 at home in the Cup.

1.  Peter Lee 1  Nick Collacott 0

2   Ian Reynolds Stephen Lowe  draw

3   Ed Goodall 0 Russell Campbell 1

4   Chris Waites 1 David Shankland 0

5   Louis Ditz David Taylor draw

6   Peter Rust 1 Guy Morton 0

Note: the bulk of the fixture happened in February, but board one took place on 16 March. Unfortunately the original Board 1 Keith Richardson has been unwell and we wish him all the best.


MCC beat East India and Oriental

The MCC away from home beat the combined East India and Oriental side 1-5 in the Cup.

Sam Franklin 0.5-0.5 Tom Eckersley Waites

Yaroslav Voropayev 0.5-0.5 Adam Eckersley Waites

Hamilton McMillan 0-1  Keith Richardson

Robert McClatchey 0-1 Ed Goodall

Colin Ferguson 0-1 David Bates

Habib Amir 0-1 Peter Rust

The friendly board was won by EIC / ORI.

Callum Lee 1-0 Wil Ransome