MCC defeat Reform

MCC at home to The Reform won 5-0 in a friendly. The fourth board was an all MCC affair with David Neil-Smith taking on the role of a Reform player for the night. Here is the match card (MCC players listed first):

Peter Rust 1- 0 Danny Rosenbaum

Wil Ransome 1-0 Konstantin Yelin

David Longrigg 1-0 David Saunders

Nick Clarke 1-0 David Neil-Smith

Geoff Dawson 1-0 Emir Feisal



Annual Dinner Proves a Great Success

The RAC hosted the 8th Annual Hamilton-Russell Dinner and the evening proved to be thoroughly enjoyable. Champagne in the Mall room was followed by a fine meal in the Committee Room.

45 people were treated to a hilarious speech by the guest of honour Bill Hartston. He highlighted the dangers of asteroids and emails and suggested a possible solution through spiders and goats!

Peter Rust was presented with the Hamilton-Russell Cup on behalf of the MCC.

Peter Rust (right) receives the Hamilton-Russell Cup from Bill Hartston

Peter Rust (right) receives the Hamilton-Russell Cup from Bill Hartston

HR Cup gets under way with a win for The Reform

The Reform at home to Chelsea Arts Club won 4 – 2.

Match card with Reform players listed first:

1. Peter Evans 0 – 1 Richard Black
2. Nicholas Cron 1- 0 Isambard Thomas
3. Richard Saunders 1 – 0 David Cohen
4. Danny Rosenbaum 1/2 – 1/2 Ben Heiken
5. Teddy Bourne 1/2 – 1/2 Mike Radcliffe
6. Konstantin Yelin 1 – 0 Joe Coles.

MCC edge it over Hurlingham

Hurlingham hosted the MCC for their first friendly of the season with the MCC coming out winners 3.5 – 4.5

Match card (Hurlingham players first):

Stephen Quartermaine 0 v. Nick Collacott 1
Michael Yeoh 1 v Wil Ransome 0
Robert Gordon  0.5 v. Henry Blank 0.5
William Peck 1 v David Longrigg  0
Richard Paterson 0 v David Bates 1
David Mendes da Costa 0 v Michael Clappe 1
Charles Wright 1 v Nick Clarke 0
James Grogono 0 v David Neil-Smith 1

Second Knights Tour is a Success!

We followed up last year’s successful inaugural Knights’ Tour with another terrific event.
32 players, an appropriate number for anybody chess minded, did battle at The Athenaeum, RAC, Oxford & Cambridge and Reform in a peripatetic competition of rapid chess matches, followed by dinner at The Reform.
For the record I believe the scores, someone please correct me if I am wrong, were:
Team 3 (Capablanca) 2.5
Team 4 (Morphy) 2
Team 1 (Chigorin) 1
Team 2 (Tal) 0.5


David Shankland (ATH)
Nicholas Smedley (ATH)
Chris Waites (MCC)
Peter Rust (MCC)
Konstantin Yelin (REF)
Sarah Rae (REF)
Danny Rosenbaum (REF)
Teddy Bourne (REF)


Sheldon Marshall (RAC)
Trevor Dunmore (RAC)
Alex Lynford (RAC)
Phillip Henwood (RAC)
Roland Saam (RAC)
John Curran (RAC)
Frank Morgan (ATH)
Peter Lee (ATH)


David Jones (O&C)
Vivian Woodward (O&C)
John Godfray (O&C)
Nigel White (O&C)
Jon Conlin (REF)
Thomas Bewley (REF)
Richard Hall (REF)
Paul Hendrick (REF)


Henry Mutkin (RAC)
Janine Mackinlay (RAC)
Robert Feather (RAC)
Richard Friis Olsen (RAC)
Keith Richardson (MCC)
Ian Reynolds (MCC)
David Longrigg (MCC)
Wil Ransome (MCC)

Thanks to everyone who took part and helped to make the event such fun. There were many interesting games. I hope to upload Waites v Hall in another post soon.

general time trouble

2014/5 season kicks off with Reform having a friendly win

On 3 September a close fought friendly took place with the Reform pipping the home side Hurlingham 2 – 3.

Match card (Hurlingham players listed first):

Chris Clark 0 1 Nicholas Cron
Robert Gordon 0 1 Paul Hendrick
Michael Yeoh 1 0 Thomas Bewley (default)
Richard Paterson 1 0 David Saunders
Philip Fleury 0 1 Konstantin Yelin