This Week’s Friendlies

Hurlingham beat the Oxford & Cambridge at home 3.5-0.5.

Chelsea Arts Club lost at home to The Athenaeum 1.5-2.5


Chelsea Arts beat The Reform

The Chelsea Arts won away from home in the Cup, beating The Reform 1.0-5.0

Match card below (Chelsea Arts players listed first):

Richard Black 1-0 Danny Rosenbaum

Izzie Thomas 1-0 Paul Hendrick

David Cohen 1-0 Alan Fishman

Mike Radcliffe 1-0 Teddy Bourne

Joe Coles 0-1 David Saunders

Will Timbers 1-0 Anne Abel Smith

Ref v CAC played in the Strangers Room at The Reform

Dinner after (L to R) Alan Fishman, David Cohen, Danny Rosenbaum, Richard Black

MCC win the Hamilton Russell Cup!

Congratulations to the MCC, who have won this season’s Hamilton Russell Cup.

There were two important results this week. The RAC dropped a point drawing to The Reform, but it made no difference as the MCC beat Chelsea Arts to achieve an unassailable lead.

The RAC at home to The Reform drew 4-4.

  1. Roger Emerson ½   v  ½          Richard Hall
  1. Lee Green        ½   v   ½          Nicholas Cron
  1. Fred Edge        ½   v   ½          Peter Evans
  1. Robert Feather 0  v   1           Richard Saunders
  1. Henry Mutkin    0  v    1           Danny Rosenbaum
  1. Rob Matthews 1  v    0           Konstantin Yelin
  1. Paul Weston 1   v     0           Ken Tweedie
  1. Francis Kershaw ½   v   ½   Paul Hendrick


The MCC away from home beat Chelsea Arts 2-4

Richard Black v Tom Eckersley-Waites 0-1

Izzie Thomas v Adam Eckersley-Waites 0-1

David Cohen v Ian Reynolds 1-0

Matt Flowers v Ed Goodall 0-1

Mike Radcliffe v Nick Collacott 0-1

Joe Coles v David Bates 1-0


Here is the final table (click on it to expand)