Oxford & Cambridge beat EIC/ORI

The combined East India and Oriental team lost at home to the Oxford & Cambridge 1-5 in the Cup.

Yaroslav Vorpayev    ½       v       ½       Michael Smart

Hamilton McMillan    0        v        1        Nigel White

Robert McClatchey ½       v        ½       Peter Webster      

Edward Brown        0        v        1        John Alderson

Colin Ferguson       0        v        1        John Godfray  

Nicholas Lloyd        0        v        1        Tam Freestone-Bayes

The friendly boards were tied 1-1.

Callum Lee 0 v        1        Hasan Sari

Habib Amir 1 v        0        David Jones


Changes at the Oxford & Cambridge

This week saw the last Hamilton Russell game by Oxford & Cambridge’s top board Terry Chapman. He will be a great loss to the community. Many of of his fine games are in our games database.

Terry himself has kindly annotated his last game: Terry Chapman v Adam Eckersley Waites – it’s well worth a look, particularly Terry’s last comment!

Meanwhile there is a changing of the guard at the O&C with Nigel White taking over from Peter Webster as Cup Captain. Peter has been a great servant to chess at the O&C and we look forward to his continued involvement as a player.

And yet more news from the O&C. Congratulations to Tam Freestone Bayes, who two weeks ago became a father to Athena! Congratulations to Tam!

MCC beat O&C to go Top

The Oxford & Cambridge Club lost at home to the MCC in the Cup 2-6, however they won the friendly boards 2-1.

O&C (listed first) were white on odd boards

  1. Terry Chapman 0.5 Adam Eckersley Waites 0.5
  2. Nigel White 0 Tom Eckersley Waites 1
  3. Peter Webster 0 Dominic Lawson 1
  4. John Alderson 0 Ian Reynolds 1
  5. Anna York-Andersen 1 Ed Goodall 0
  6. John Godfray 0 Nick Collacott 1
  7. Vivian Woodward 0.5 Chris Waites 0.5
  8. David Jones 0 David Bates 1


Mike Smart 0.5 Peter Rust 0.5

Adrian Bingham 1 Wil Ransome 0

Edie Sariev 0.5 Henry Blank 0.5