Annual Dinner (continued)

We have received a few more photos of the Annual Dinner – many thanks to Peter Rust for these. If you have photos of the dinner that you would allow us to publish on the website, please let me know.

annual dinnner via photo (4) aanual dinner via Peter Rust photo (5) annual dinner photo via Peter Rust(3)


Annual Dinner 2013

Last night a fantastic time was had by all at the seventh annual Hamilton-Russell Dinner.

The East India provided a wonderful setting and a delightful menu.

Stephen Meyler received the Cup on behalf of the RAC, the 2012/13 winners.

Here are some photos of the event with, hopefully, more to follow.

IMG_1720 IMG_1718 IMG_1716 IMG_1711 IMG_1710 IMG_1703 Danny Rosenbaum presents cup to Stephen Meyler Mr and Mrs Rust and Peter Haddock photo of Danny Rosenbaum and Peter Rust photo of cup Peter Rust and Robert Gordon

Reform Top the Table

The Reform won at home in the Hamilton-Russell Cup against the combined forces of the East India and Oriental.

The match finished 3.5 – 2.5, thanks in part to a work-enforced default on board 4.

Meanwhile in a friendly there was another close contest with Roehampton losing at home to The Athenaeum 2.5 -3.5.

Don’t forget the London Chess Classic this year!

Information has recently been published for the 5th London Chess Classic. As usual it features the top of the chess fraternity from UK and the world.

The likes of Kramnik, Anand, Nakamura, Adams, McShane, and Polgar will be battling it out in a faster format than normal (25 minutes +10 seconds per move increment).

The London events are always good fun and one usually bumps into a sprinkling of Hamilton-Russell players when one goes.

I recommend visiting the official website for more details and booking information.

The Knights’ Tour proves a success!

The early signs were ominous. As I approached The Reform to set up for the inaugural Knights’ Tour, the heavens were tipping it down. The idea of a peripatetic competition in four locations does not lend itself easily to the sort of deluge that attacked me as I walked down Pall Mall.

However, no matter, I am a positive person, the weather can’t stop us having a good time, I thought. And then it dawned on me that I hadn’t a clue how to reset the wretched clocks.

As the players arrived into the Smoking Room of the Reform (the first room at the Reform to have outlawed smoking, just as the Coffee Room at the Club never used to serve coffee!) they were met with a bedraggled rain-sodden mechanically-obtuse individual wrestling with the devious devices that simply refused to be set at 30 minutes.

Eventually, with the invaluable help of David Openshaw the matter was resolved – although it was later discovered that I has set one clock for 30 hours rather than 30 minutes!

Clocks sorted, 26 hardy individuals not only braved the weather, but also arrived with impeccable punctuality.

For the record, the players were:

David Jones, Vivian Woodward, John Godfray (Oxford & Cambridge)

Andrew Havery, Konstantin Yelin, Jon Conlin, Paul Hendrick, Danny Rosenbaum       (Reform)

Peter Lee, Nicholas Smedley (Athenaeum)

Alex Lynford, Janine Mackinlay, Sheldon Marshall, Henry Mutkin, Trevor Dunmore, Roland Saam (RAC)

Ian Reynolds, Peter Rust, Wil Ransome, Chris Waites, Keith Richardson, George Arthur, David Longrigg, Michael Clappe (MCC)

Robert Gordon   (Hurlingham)

David Openshaw (Roehampton)

It was great good fortune that for the most part we were able to create teams that to some extent kept Club members together whilst at the same time ensured that nearly everyone one was able to get three good quality games in with players of their own level.

The aforementioned clock incident happened on Board 1 of Round 1 in the tussle between Chris Waites and David Openshaw.

Chris Waites’ pawns kept storming and in the end proving too much for David Openshaw, who had strong chances until the end. David has kindly sent a record of the match with a couple of comments – which you can access from this link. There is also photographic evidence of this game and others below.

Fortunately, by now it was just Chris’s pawns that were storming. Outside the weather gave up its tempestuous fit and inside all was running smoothly in the event.

In the end, two teams ended up with two match wins out of three and two teams finished with one match win out of three. Nobody went home empty-handed.

There was a fantastic convivial atmosphere all day and this continued over dinner in the wonderful Strangers Room at The Reform.

Over dinner a silent auction was held and Andrew Havery of The Reform, made a marvellously generous bid and walked away with a great Nette Robinson print, all in aid of the English Chess team.

At dinner there was widespread agreement that this should be the first of many Knights’ Tours.

Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that in the past I misplaced my apostrophe! Many thanks to Peter Rust for his excellent suggestion to slot it in at the end.

Chris Waites and David Openshaw

Chris Waites and David Openshaw

Paul Hendrick v Vivian Woodward

Paul Hendrick v Vivian Woodward

Peter Lee and David Openshaw analysing

Peter Lee and David Openshaw analysing

Dinner at The Reform

Dinner at The Reform