Athenaeum start the season on top

The Athenaeum won away to the National Liberal Club 1.5-4.5. Match card below (NLC players listed first).

Nick Kirby 0 Peter Lee 1

Ben Widdicombe 0 David Shankland 1

James Whiteley 1 Nick Smedley 0

Gordon Hamme 0 Kester George 1

Mehul Trivedi 0 David Taylor 1

Wolfgang Schady 0.5 Brian Gilmore 0.5



The First Inter-club Lightning Chess Tournament.

Congratulations to the National Liberal Club on the success of their excellent initiative, holding the first recorded inter-club lightning chess tournament.

Congratulations also go to the winner of the Ming Vase – Richard Hughes of the RAC.

Ben Widdicombe of the NLC has written a thoroughly entertaining account of the event on the excellent National Liberal Club Chess website. For more information, please read Ben’s full report