Athenaeum beat the National Liberal Club

The Athenaeum at home beat the NLC in the Cup 5.5-1.5

The board 1 game is available in our database.

In board order with NLC White on odd, and Ath named first

Peter Lee 1  Nick Kirby 0

Stephen Lowe 1 Ben Widdicombe 0

Russell Campbell 1 Gordon Hamme 0

David Shankland 0.5 Wolfgang Schady 0.5

David Taylor 1 Mehul Trivedi 0

Guy Morton 1 Nadim Osserian 0

Brian Gilmore 0 Mark Taylor (the Lansdowne Club) 1

This Week’s Friendlies

Roehampton  v Hurlingham (The Graham Kent Cup)                       4.5-0.5

Chelsea Arts v National Liberal Club                                                  3-1

Oxford & Cambridge v East India / Oriental                                       3-1

Reform kick the season off with a win

The Reform playing at home beat the National Liberal Club / Lansdowne side 5-3

Nicholas Cron 1-0 Nick Kirby

Peter Evans 0-1 Ben Widdicombe

Danny Rosenbaum 1-0 Gordon Hamme

Paul Hendrick 0.5 – 0.5 Mehul Trivedi

Alan Fishman 1-0 Nadim Usserien

Konstantin Yelin 1-0 Keith Edwards

Ken Tweedie 0-1 Mark Taylor (LAN)

David Saunders 0.5 – 0.5 Edina Seiben (LAN)

cron-v-kirby-board-2-ref-v-nlc foreground-cron-v-kirby-background-evans-v-widdicombe-ref-v-nlc