O&C wrap up 2012 with a home win

The last match of the calendar year saw the Oxford & Cambridge beat Roehampton 4-0 in the HR Cup.

O&C remain in second place with the RAC in pole position as the new year beckons.

Season’s greetings to all!


Previous Winners

We have just added a link in our top menu to a list of all the previous winners of the Hamilton-Russell Cup.

On a cursory glance I divide up the tournament into the following eras:

  • 1924 – 1939 National Liberal Club, Authors Club and the RAC dominant
  • 1940 – 1947 No Competition
  • 1948 – 1968 National Liberal Club, The Athenaeum and the RAC dominant
  • 1969 – 1984 Only winner: The RAC!

Since 1985, it has been much more of a mixed bag with the Oxford & Cambridge and the MCC joining the RAC and the Athenaeum as multiple winners.

The only winners of the Cup in just one year are – Imperial Chess Club (1939) and Hurlingham (joint winners in 1988)

Hamilton-Russell Cup and The Field

Many thanks to Teddy Bourne from The Reform for passing on some of their archive including a reference to the Hamilton-Russell Cup from 1926 where an internal letter to Reform Club chess members alludes to “notices may appear in The Times under the chess column and probably in The Field.”

Does anybody have any access to the reports referred to and any knowledge of why The Field in particular would be reporting on the chess matches?