Another successful Knights’ Tour

32 players gathered for the 4th annual Knights’ Tour.

It was a lot of fun, but these pensive looks below show that there was a lot of hard thinking going on:

thoughtful-2 thoughtful-3 thoughtful-4 thoughtful-5 thoughtful-6 thoughtful-7 thoughtful-8


The RAC, Reform, Athenaeum and Oxford & Cambridge hosted the games followed by a splendid dinner at the O&C.


The Plaudits went to Team 4 with a score of 3/3. The teams are listed below:

Team One

Miguel Sanchez (Capablanca Club)

Rob Matthews (RAC)

Peter Burgoyne (HAC)

Norman Britten (RAC)

Sheldon Marshall (RAC)

Danny Rosenbaum (Reform)

Gordon Hamme (NLC)

Teddy Bourne (Reform)

Team Two

Stephen Meyler (RAC)

Natasha Regan (RAC)

Richard Hall (Reform)

Richard Jones (RAC)

Stephen Hunt (RAC)

Paul Hendrick (Reform)

Habib Amir (ORI)

Alex Lynford (RAC)

Team Three

Nigel White (O&C)

John Godfray (O&C)

Tam Freestone Bayes (O&C)

Richard Hughes (RAC)

Benedikt Koehler (Reform)

Anne Abel Smith (Reform)

Alan Fishman (Reform)

Janine Mackinlay (RAC)

Team Four

Peter Lee (ATH)

Izzie Thomas (CAC)

Peter Rust (MCC)

Ian Reynolds (MCC)

Wil Ransome (MCC)

David Shankland (ATH)

Konstantin Yelin (REF)

David Longrigg (MCC)


Reform kick the season off with a win

The Reform playing at home beat the National Liberal Club / Lansdowne side 5-3

Nicholas Cron 1-0 Nick Kirby

Peter Evans 0-1 Ben Widdicombe

Danny Rosenbaum 1-0 Gordon Hamme

Paul Hendrick 0.5 – 0.5 Mehul Trivedi

Alan Fishman 1-0 Nadim Usserien

Konstantin Yelin 1-0 Keith Edwards

Ken Tweedie 0-1 Mark Taylor (LAN)

David Saunders 0.5 – 0.5 Edina Seiben (LAN)

cron-v-kirby-board-2-ref-v-nlc foreground-cron-v-kirby-background-evans-v-widdicombe-ref-v-nlc

Report of the 10th Annual Hamilton Russell Dinner

On Tuesday the MCC hosted the 2016 Hamilton Russell Dinner at Lord’s.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, which kicked off with champagne at the Museum, which houses the historic Ashes.

We were then treated to a tour of the Pavilion, including the England dressing room and the Long Room.

There followed a delicious dinner of cured sea trout, magret of duck and confit leg, and blueberry and ginger cheesecake accompanied by the MCC White Burgundy and Rioja.

After coffee and petit fours, Peter Rust welcomed everyone on behalf of the MCC, Danny Rosenbaum toasted the Hamilton Russell Cup, and Henry Mutkin presented the trophy to Chris Waites of the MCC.

Roger Knight, President of the MCC, then gave a thoroughly entertaining speech and the evening was rounded off with a glass or two of Port.

Thanks must go to all those at the MCC who made the evening such a success and also to David Longrigg, for saying Grace; and Colin Ferguson, who made the loyal toast.

danny-rosenbaum-roger-knight-sheldon-marshall henry-mutkin-giving-cup-to-chris-waites roger-knight-speech

england-dresing-room-close-up england-dresing-room table-2 table-3-etc table-5 tour-outside