Hurlingham beat The Reform

Hurlingham defeated The Reform 3-2 in the Cup

Match card below:


1 W Mark Woloshyn 0 1 Mark Glover
2 B Stephen Quartermaine 1 0 Rob Forrest
3 W Michael Yeoh 0.5 0.5 Paul Hendrick
4 B Robert Gordon 0.5 0.5 Mehul Trivedi
5 W David Mendes da Costa 1 0 David Saunders

Knights’ Tour 2018 Report

Another thoroughly enjoyable Knights’ Tour was held today and it was another close run contest.

Team Morphy and Team Chigorin ended up joint winners with both scoring 2 wins out of 3.

Many thanks to The Oxford & Cambridge, The RAC and The Reform for their terrific hosting and to John Godfray, Peter Lee and Henry McWatters for all their help organising the event.

Thanks above all to the players who made this such a convivial event. The teams are listed below:

Team 1: Chigorin

Trevor Dunmore (RAC)

David Openshaw (ROE)

James Whiteley (NLC)

Danny Rosenbaum (Reform)

Richard Jones (RAC)

Stephen Hunt (RAC)

John Curran (RAC)

Edina Seiben (ex LAN)

Team 2: Tal

Peter Lee (ATH)

Izzie Thomas (CAC)

David Shankland (ATH)

Ben Widdicombe (NLC)

Gordon Hamme (NLC)

Paul Hendrick (Reform)

Mark Taylor (LAN)

Tatiana Mallinson (CAC)


Team 3: Morphy

Henry McWatters (RAC)

John Godfray (O&C)

Robert Feather (RAC)

Habib Amir (ORI)

Alan Fishman (Reform)

Scott Samuel (RAC)

Lawrence Wilcox (RAC)

Anne Abel Smith (Reform)


Team 4: Capablanca

Ian Reynolds (MCC)

Wil Ransome (MCC)

Richard Hughes (RAC)

David Longrigg (MCC)

Richard Saldanha (ex O&C)

Alex Lynford (RAC)

Steve Phillips (LAN)

Janine Mackinlay (RAC)


The Sheldon Marshall Trophy 2018

This year saw the first presentation of the Sheldon Marshall Trophy. It was decided to rename the long-running inter-club speed chess tournament as a tribute to Sheldon, who was such a popular and important pillar of our community.

The event was held at the RAC on 1 May. The winners were the MCC A team, who just pipped the RAC A team in what was effectively the decider 4-2.

As usual it was a very enjoyable evening, and it was particularly pleasing to have an international team playing, all of whom were good friends of Sheldon and came over especially for the occasion.

The final standings:

Marylebone Cricket Club (A)    11

Royal Automobile Club (A)      10

Chelsea Arts Club         7 ½

East India/Oriental         7

National Liberal Club / Lansdowne      6

Marylebone Cricket Club (B)     5 ½

Royal Automobile Club (B)       5 ½

Reform      4

International Team  3 ½

Athenaeum   3

Oxford & Cambridge    2 ½

Hurlingham                 1 ½