Hamilton Russell featured in The Spectator

GM Raymond Keene’s column in The Spectator today reported on the Hamilton Russell Cup and featured a game by Dominic Lawson of the MCC v David Shankland of The Athenaeum.

You can find a link to the PDF below

Spectator article April 2018


Hamilton Russell players in the news: David Jones

Oxford & Cambridge regular David Jones was featured in this month’s Chess magazine.

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I am one of the many players who have been on the wrong end of David’s excellent chess technique over the years!

RAC win the Hamilton Russell Cup

Congratulations to the RAC, whose victory over the Oxford & Cambridge yesterday means that they have won this season’s Hamilton Russell Cup regardless of what happens in the remaining fixtures.

The RAC beat the O&C 6.5-1.5 at home.

Match card below (RAC players first):

  1. Nigel Povah        ½      v        ½        Nigel White
  2. Roger Emerson ½      v        ½        Peter Webster
  3. Richard Farleigh ½     v        ½        Chris Heath
  4. Henry Strausser 1       v         0        Ian Coleman
  5. Natasha Regan  1       v         0       John Alderson
  6. Stephen Meyler  1       v         0       John Godfray
  7. Colm O`Shea    1        v         0       David Jones
  8.  Lee Green        1        v         0       Kaushalya Kularatnam

Hurlingham and Athenaeum Draw

The Hurlingham and The Athenaeum drew 4-4 in the Cup.

The match took place at The Hurlingham, whose players are listed first in the match card below:

1 W Stephen Goss 1 0 Felix Marez
2 B Mark Woloshyn 0 1 Russell Campbell
3 W Stephen Quartermaine 0.5 0.5 David Shankland
4 B Michael Yeoh 0 1 David Taylor
5 W Robert Gordon 1 0 Kester George
6 B Richard Paterson 0 1 John James




Alan Jeffreys

Paul Mustafa





Paul O’Prey

Hans-Georg Eichler