The Sheldon Marshall Trophy 2018

This year saw the first presentation of the Sheldon Marshall Trophy. It was decided to rename the long-running inter-club speed chess tournament as a tribute to Sheldon, who was such a popular and important pillar of our community.

The event was held at the RAC on 1 May. The winners were the MCC A team, who just pipped the RAC A team in what was effectively the decider 4-2.

As usual it was a very enjoyable evening, and it was particularly pleasing to have an international team playing, all of whom were good friends of Sheldon and came over especially for the occasion.

The final standings:

Marylebone Cricket Club (A)    11

Royal Automobile Club (A)      10

Chelsea Arts Club         7 ½

East India/Oriental         7

National Liberal Club / Lansdowne      6

Marylebone Cricket Club (B)     5 ½

Royal Automobile Club (B)       5 ½

Reform      4

International Team  3 ½

Athenaeum   3

Oxford & Cambridge    2 ½

Hurlingham                 1 ½


Hamilton Russell featured in The Spectator

GM Raymond Keene’s column in The Spectator today reported on the Hamilton Russell Cup and featured a game by Dominic Lawson of the MCC v David Shankland of The Athenaeum.

You can find a link to the PDF below

Spectator article April 2018

RAC win the Hamilton Russell Cup

Congratulations to the RAC, whose victory over the Oxford & Cambridge yesterday means that they have won this season’s Hamilton Russell Cup regardless of what happens in the remaining fixtures.

The RAC beat the O&C 6.5-1.5 at home.

Match card below (RAC players first):

  1. Nigel Povah        ½      v        ½        Nigel White
  2. Roger Emerson ½      v        ½        Peter Webster
  3. Richard Farleigh ½     v        ½        Chris Heath
  4. Henry Strausser 1       v         0        Ian Coleman
  5. Natasha Regan  1       v         0       John Alderson
  6. Stephen Meyler  1       v         0       John Godfray
  7. Colm O`Shea    1        v         0       David Jones
  8.  Lee Green        1        v         0       Kaushalya Kularatnam