RAC beat The Athenaeum

The RAC away from home beat The Athenaeum 3.5-2.5 in the Cup.

Full match card below (RAC players first)

  1. Roger Emerson ½        v         ½         Peter Lee
  2. Natasha Regan ½         v         ½         Russell Campbell
  3. Stephen Meyler 0          v         1          David Shankland
  4. Lee Green        ½          v         ½        David Taylor
  5. Trevor Dunmore 1         v         0         David Steyn
  6. Wayne Clark       1         v         0         John Jones

There was one friendly board, in which Brian Gilmore of The Athenaeum defeated Richard Friis-Olsen of the RAC.


RAC beat Chelsea Arts

The RAC won away from home against the Chelsea Arts Club 4.5-1.5 in the Cup.

Match card below (CAC players listed first)

Richard Black v Natasha Regan 0.5 – 0.5

Izzie Thomas v Colm O’Shea 0-1

David Cohen v Henry McWatters 0-1

Mike Radcliffe v Lee Green 0-1

Lino Mannocci v Trevor Dunmore 1-0

John Leighton v Rob Matthews 0-1

Sheldon Marshall (1953-2017)

As many of this website’s readers will know Sheldon passed away on 17 December 2017.

With kind permission of Stephen Meyler and the RAC I am reproducing their tribute to him. I have also added a few words of my own at the end.


Sheldon Marshall  (1953 – 2017)

Sheldon Marshall long time member of the Club and Honorary Secretary of the Chess Circle passed away on Sunday 17 December in New Delhi, India having been on an expedition to Mount Everest in Nepal.

Sheldon joined the Club in 1989 and soon became an enthusiastic member of the Chess Circle participating in overseas trips to Washington, Paris and Gibraltar.

In 2010 he joined the Chess Committee and was the driving force behind the 100 Board Simultaneous Display with the UK’s leading Grand Masters and the production of the Chess Circle Centenary Book marking the Pall Mall centenary in 2011.

On becoming Chess Secretary in 2012 Sheldon led the expansion, overseas, of the Chess Circle with trips to Reykavik, New York, Dublin and Havana – where the Chess Circle became the first “club” chess team to play in Cuba since the revolution.

Not only did Sheldon organise exceptional trips but he possessed that really rare quality that ensured that he made long lasting friendships wherever he went.

Sheldon enjoyed in full what the Club has to offer and was frequently in attendance on Epsom Derby Day, golf days at Woodcote Park and was well known to Backgammon, Snooker and the Long Bar.

The Club has lost a great member and our thoughts are with his family, who are all current members.

He will be missed greatly by all who knew him but he will never be forgotten.

Danny Rosenbaum writes:

When I think of Sheldon Marshall, I think of a warm-hearted generous man with a terrific sense of humour, and, above all, I think of a good friend. I find I have to write these few words on two levels. Firstly, in my official capacity as Hamilton Russell secretary, I want to put on record how appreciative I am of all the tireless work and support Sheldon put in to the organisation of the various Hamilton Russell events. Secondly, I write as a friend. Shortly after I started as Secretary Sheldon kindly invited myself and my wife-to-be Sarah to RAC trips to Cuba and New York. It was during these times that I really got to know Sheldon and see what a force of nature he was. In spite of all the weight of looking after the itinerary and organisation of these trips, he was a constant shining light. His warmth, joie de vivre, and humour shone out. Back on home turf, we would often take each other to our respective clubs (not just the RAC and the Reform) and he was incredibly generous. There was never a dull moment. On top of all the anecdotes and stories there was always a wealth of interesting gems drawn from Sheldon’s extraordinary knowledge of history and geography. There was always a stream of interesting facts and thoughts to take home. Sheldon had such an aura about him. My wife’s children upon first meeting him over dinner at the RAC were totally captivated by him! He will always be a great inspiration to me and my heart goes out to Anne and all the family.

Sheldon Marshall


This Week’s Friendlies

28/11/17          Tue                  RAC v Reform                                    4.5-1.5

29/11/17          Wed                MCC v Hurlingham                             1.0-7.0

29/11/17          Wed                O&C v Lansdowne                             4.0-0.0

RAC beat East India and Oriental

The RAC beat the combined East India and Oriental side 2-6 away from home in the Cup.

Match card below (EIC/ORI players first):

Yaroslav Voropayev 1        v       0        Natasha Regan

Robert McClatchey ½       v        ½        Lee Green

Luke King               0        v        1        Trevor Dunmore

Edward Brown       0        v        1        Frederick Edge

Colin Ferguson      0        v        1       Robert Feather

Callum Lee           ½        v        ½       Robert Matthews

Nicholas Lloyd      0          v        1        Paul Weston

Nicholas Gowlland 0        v        1        Howard Wand


This Week’s Friendlies

4/11/17          Tue                  ATH v HUR                2.0-2.0

14/11/17          Tue                  RAC v ROE               2.0-2.0

15/11/17          Wed                LAN v EIC/ORI           2.0-4.0