RAC beat East India and Oriental

The RAC beat the combined East India and Oriental side 2-6 away from home in the Cup.

Match card below (EIC/ORI players first):

Yaroslav Voropayev 1        v       0        Natasha Regan

Robert McClatchey ½       v        ½        Lee Green

Luke King               0        v        1        Trevor Dunmore

Edward Brown       0        v        1        Frederick Edge

Colin Ferguson      0        v        1       Robert Feather

Callum Lee           ½        v        ½       Robert Matthews

Nicholas Lloyd      0          v        1        Paul Weston

Nicholas Gowlland 0        v        1        Howard Wand



This Week’s Friendlies

4/11/17          Tue                  ATH v HUR                2.0-2.0

14/11/17          Tue                  RAC v ROE               2.0-2.0

15/11/17          Wed                LAN v EIC/ORI           2.0-4.0

The RAC Beat The Hurlingham

The RAC started the season with a win away from home against The Hurlingham 0.5-5.5

Match card below (Hurlingham players listed first):

1 W Mark Woloshyn 0 1 Natasha Regan
2 B Stephen Quartermaine 0 1 Trevor Dunmore
3 W Michael Yeoh 0.5 0.5 Fred Edge
4 B Chris Clark 0 1 Wayne Clarke
5 W Paul Mustafa 0 1 Henry McWatters
6 B Richard Paterson 0 1 Rob Matthews


Hamilton Russell 11th Annual Dinner

On Tuesday over 50 of us enjoyed the terrific hospitality of The Hurlingham Club for our 11th annual dinner.

After a welcoming glass of champagne in the marvelous Terrace Room, we enjoyed an exceptionally tasty meal in The Quadrangle rounded off with coffee and brandy/port/whisky.

As is customary at these dinners, the Hamilton Russell Trophy was presented to the last season’s winners, and the photo below shows Henry Mutkin of the RAC presenting the trophy to Peter Rust of the MCC.

It was the MCC’s fourth consecutive win.