The RAC Defeat The Athenaeum

The RAC defeated The Athenaeum 3.5-2.5 at home in the Cup. The friendly boards were tied 1-1.

  1. Roger Emerson 0    v        1      Peter Lee
  1. Natasha Regan 1    v        0      Stephen Lowe
  1. Stephen Meyler ½    v      ½      Russell Campbell
  1. Lee Green        0      v       1       Felix Oyens
  1. Fred Edge       1      v       0       David Shanklands

6. Wayne Clark    1      v       0       David Tayor

RAC Defeat EIC / ORI

The RAC beat the combined East India and Oriental team 4.5 – 1.5 at home in the Cup. EIC/ORI won the two friendly boards.


  1. Roger Emerson       ½   v     ½          Sam Franklin
  1. Stephen Meyler        0    v      1          Yaroslav Voropayev
  1. Lee Green                1    v      0          Robert McClatchey
  1. Fred Edge                1    v      0          Edward Brown
  1. Trevor Dunmore      1     v      0          Colin Ferguson
  1. Robert Matthews     1     v      0          Callum Lee



The First Inter-club Lightning Chess Tournament.

Congratulations to the National Liberal Club on the success of their excellent initiative, holding the first recorded inter-club lightning chess tournament.

Congratulations also go to the winner of the Ming Vase – Richard Hughes of the RAC.

Ben Widdicombe of the NLC has written a thoroughly entertaining account of the event on the excellent National Liberal Club Chess website. For more information, please read Ben’s full report

RAC Beat National Liberal Club

The RAC won at home in the Cup against the National Liberal Club 5-0.

Trevor Dunmore 1    v        0     Nick Kirby

Robert Feather 1         v        0     Ben Widdicombe

Rob Matthews 1          v        0     Mehul Trivedi

Henry McWatters 1          v         0    Wolfgang Schady

Michael Stern 1          v         0     Nadim Osseir