Players’ Profiles: Number 1 – Leonid Finkelstein

We intend to build up a collection of profiles of Hamilton-Russell players: short pieces that give us a flavour of the person concerned based on a simple questionnaire.

It is fitting that we should start this series with one of our most distinguished players, Leonid Finkelstein:

Tell us About Your Involvement In Chess

I started playing at six but in the 83 years since then, I have made very little progress. Still a club player, far from the strongest in the Athenaeum club chess team.  

Who is Your Favourite Chess Player?

Vasily Vasilyevich Smyslov. His clear “transparent” style was unique in the history of chess  – until  the advent of  Magnus Carlsen.  Dr. Max Euwe said once that such moves as Smyslov plays anyone can make – but only Smyslov would win with them.  Is this not true for magic Magnus? 

What is Your Favourite Chess Book?

Life of a Chess Player, by GM Yuri Averbakh. Regrettably, this wonderful book of the oldest living grandmaster (born 1922) has not yet been translated from the Russian original. 

Anything To add?

Out of all the activities in my life (and I stress ALL) , I prefer playing chess.  


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