Changes at the Oxford & Cambridge

This week saw the last Hamilton Russell game by Oxford & Cambridge’s top board Terry Chapman. He will be a great loss to the community. Many of of his fine games are in our games database.

Terry himself has kindly annotated his last game: Terry Chapman v Adam Eckersley Waites – it’s well worth a look, particularly Terry’s last comment!

Meanwhile there is a changing of the guard at the O&C with Nigel White taking over from Peter Webster as Cup Captain. Peter has been a great servant to chess at the O&C and we look forward to his continued involvement as a player.

And yet more news from the O&C. Congratulations to Tam Freestone Bayes, who two weeks ago became a father to Athena! Congratulations to Tam!


This Week’s Friendlies

The Reform won at home against the RAC 4-1

The Lansdowne lost at home to the Oxford & Cambridge 0-4.

Many thanks to Peter Webster for the photo of Vivian Woodward, Peter Webster (O&C) and Justin Chilton (Lansdowne) below.


Captain’s Corner 1: Peter Webster

Captain’s Corner is a new feature where the Club captains answer a brief questionnaire. Our aim is to eventually expand our profiles to cover as many players as we can in the HR Cup and friendlies.

Peter Webster of the Oxford & Cambridge kicks us off:

Tell us a little about your Club

The foundation of the Oxford and Cambridge University Club dates from a meeting of members from the two Universities held at the British Coffee House, 27 Cockspur Street on 17 May 1830, with Lord Palmerston in the chair.

The Club in its current incarnation was formed in March 1972 by the amalgamation of the United University Club and the Oxford and Cambridge University Club.

And your Chess Circle

As well as participating in the Hamilton-Russell Cup and friendlies, chess boards are permanently set up in the Club for those wishing to play.

What about your own involvement with chess?

I was a Cambridge half-blue at chess, and a former Greater Manchester under-18 champion and British under-21 correspondence chess champion.

 Who is your favourite chess player?

 Nigel Short

 Favourite chess book/ DVD or video?

 Gligoric on the 1972 Fischer-Spassky match

 Anything to add? Perhaps some trivia about yourself!

 I became chess captain of (the senior) Greater Manchester County First Team whilst still at school