The Knights Tour 2017 Report

The Knights’ Tour (our fifth so far) proved to be once again a very successful affair. It was held on Monday 25 September at The Reform, the Oxford & Cambridge, the RAC, and The Athenaeum, rounded off with dinner back at The Reform.

Congratulations to Team 4 alias ‘Ringo’ that comprised of Ian Reynolds, Peter Rust, Wil Ransome, David Longrigg (all MCC), Nadim Osseiran (NLC), Alex Lynford (RAC), Nick Lloyd (EIC), Paul Weston (RAC) on winning with 3 out of 3 points.

Peter Lee generously donated a book by Kasparov to the winner of the new Knight of the Day award, which went to Nick Lloyd of the East India Club, who scored 3 out of 3 on board 7 for the winning side.

Trevor Dunmore v Peter Lee do battle on board 1 in Round 2 “John” v “Paul”

The teams were:

Team One (John)

Trevor Dunmore (RAC)

David Openshaw (ROE)

Danny Rosenbaum (Reform)

Richard Jones (RAC)

Sheldon Marshall (RAC)

Teddy Bourne (Reform)

Stephen Hunt (RAC)

John Curran (RAC)

Team Two (Paul)

Peter Lee (ATH)

Izzie Thomas (CAC)

David Shankland (ATH)

Ben Widdicombe (NLC)

Gordon Hamme (NLC)

Paul Hendrick (Reform)

Robert Gordon (Hurlingham)

James Whiteley (NLC)

Team Three (George)

Nigel White (O&C)

John Godfray (O&C)

Vivian Woodward (O&C)

Richard Saldanha (O&C)

Benedikt Koehler (Reform)

Habib Amir (ORI)

Alan Fishman (Reform)

Janine Mackinlay (RAC)

Team Four (Ringo)

Ian Reynolds (MCC)

Peter Rust (MCC)

Wil Ransome (MCC)

David Longrigg (MCC)

Nadim Osseiran (NLC)

Alex Lynford (RAC)

Nick Lloyd (EIC)

Paul Weston (RAC)

Thank you to everyone who took part and all the staff at the four host clubs that made this such an enjoyable event.


RAC Annual Chess Dinner

All the Clubs that took part in the Hamilton Russell Cup this year were present by the kind inviatation of the RAC to see Peter Rust pick up the trophy on behalf of the MCC.

It was a splendid event and many thanks should go to the RAC for their excellent hospitality.

After dinner a simul was held with Grandmasters Julian Hodgson and Timur Gareyev (the Blindfold King) working in tandem.

There were several interesting games, but thanks go to Peter Lee for annotating his game, which you can find by clicking here.

Alexander Cherniaev Simultaneous

Peter Lee of The Athenaeum reports:

“17 players from various of the Hamilton Russell clubs attended the simultaneous display at the RAC on 26th March 2015. After an introduction by Peter Lee, the Russian Grand Master Alexander Cherniaev answered some questions by the participants and then play started. By about 10.00 pm, he had won 14 games, lost one, and drawn two. The loss was to Trevor Dunmore of the RAC whose mating attack got home just before the GM’s did, though with best play a draw by perpetual check should have been achieved. The draws with Stephen Meyler (RAC) and Stephen Quartermaine (Hurlingham) were both good games – Stephen Meyler was better for most of the game. My own game was very interesting and fluctuating, but I missed his neat breakthrough at the end, when the position had been unclear. Thanks are due to the RAC for their excellent hospitality.”

chernaiev simul 2 chernaiev simul 3 chernaiev simul 1

Captain’s Corner 2: Peter Lee

Here is the second in our Captain’s Corner series. This time featuring Peter Lee of The Athenaeum:

“Tell us a little about your Club”

The Athenaeum, on the corner of Pall Mall and Waterloo Place, was founded in 1824.  The building was designed by Decimus Burton, who was only 24 when given the commission.  The Club was founded as a meeting place for men who enjoy the life of the mind.  Over the years the membership criteria have been widened and now extend to persons of attainment or promise in any field of an intellectual or artistic nature and of substantial value to the community.  Today many Members are professionals concerned with science, engineering or medicine, and the clergy, lawyers, writers, artists, civil servants are heavily represented, with some from business or politics.  Over 50 Members have won a Nobel Prize.

 “About your Chess Circle”

Although some games are played between Club Members, this is not organized on any regular basis.  The main function of the Chess Circle is to play in the Hamilton-Russell Cup matches and in the associated friendly matches and speed chess tournament.

“What about your own involvement with chess”

I was a very serious player up to about age 30, during which time I won the British Championship in 1965, aged 21, and played regularly in the British team, playing in the 1966, 1968 and 1970 Olympiads.  The strongest players I played (lost to) were Boris Spassky, Viktor Korchnoi and Paul Keres.  I gave up for 15 or more years, and then started playing again (though not on a serious basis) when I joined the Athenaeum somewhat over 20 years ago.  I play no other chess, though I follow games in top tournaments.

 “Who is your favourite chess player?”

 Bobby Fischer, followed by Gary Kasparov, both of whom I met.

 “Favourite chess book/DVD or video?”

  My System by Aron Nimzowitsch made a big impression when I was a teenager.

 “Anything to add?  Perhaps some trivia about yourself”

 Bridge is my serious hobby, which I have played for over 50 years.  I have won a number of national tournaments, including the Gold Cup twice, aged 60 and 68.  I am still working, aged 69, as a director of a statistical consultancy.  I have published over 200 papers in journals, mainly on tobacco and health.