RAC Annual Chess Dinner

All the Clubs that took part in the Hamilton Russell Cup this year were present by the kind inviatation of the RAC to see Peter Rust pick up the trophy on behalf of the MCC.

It was a splendid event and many thanks should go to the RAC for their excellent hospitality.

After dinner a simul was held with Grandmasters Julian Hodgson and Timur Gareyev (the Blindfold King) working in tandem.

There were several interesting games, but thanks go to Peter Lee for annotating his game, which you can find by clicking here.


The 2016 Speed Chess Tournament

The RAC hosted another successful speed chess tournament last night.

The evening ended in a three-way tie for first place between the RAC A team, the MCC A team, and the Chelsea Arts Club.

  1. Chelsea Arts Club, Marylebone Cricket Club (A), Royal Automobile Club (A) 10 points each
  2. Oxford & Cambridge (A) 7 ½ points
  3. Marylebone Cricket Club (B) Royal Automobile Club (B)     6 ½ points each
  4. Reform 5 ½ points
  5. Hurlingham 3 ½ points
  6. East India/Oriental/RAC Clubs 3 points
  7. Athenaeum 2 ½ points
  8. Royal Automobile Club (C) 1 ½ points
  9. Oxford & Cambridge (B) ½ point

The photo below features the winning captains from right to left Chris Waites (MCC), Mike Ratcliffe (Chelsea Arts), Stephen Meyler (RAC), and Chelsea Arts board 1 GM Julian Hodgson.

Cup winners

The photo below demonstrates the strength of the tournament’s competitors and the good spirit of the evening.Richard Black (CAC) and Roger Emerson (RAC) look on all smiles whilst GM Julian Hodgson (CAC) shakes hands with IM Nigel Povah (RAC).

all smiles

RAC Chess Annual Dinner

The RAC held their chess annual dinner last week, which saw nearly all the Hamilton Russell clubs in attendance.

A wonderful evening, during which the MCC collected the Hamilton Russell trophy for 2014/15, was rounded off with a simultaneous display from GM Julian Hodgson.

Many thanks to Richard Friis-Olsen, who provided the majority of the photos below.

P1050577 P1050610 P1050613 P1050620 P1050621 P1050625 IMG_3568 IMG_3571

HR trophy presented at RAC annual dinner

As per tradition the Hamilton-Russell was once again presented on the occasion of the RAC Annual Chess Circle Dinner.

Ian Reynolds of the MCC (centre) collected the trophy from Daniel Pereira (left) of the RAC.

HR Cup presented 2014

It was a fine occasion and representatives of all the Hamilton-Russell clubs were in attendance. Many stalwarts of the HR Cup were on hand to do battle with GM Julian Hodgson in a simultaneous display after the dinner.

Apologies, I do not have the final scores, but noteworthy results against Julian included draws for Roger Emerson, Robert Feather and Ellen Moloney of the RAC and David Cohen of the Chelsea Arts Club.

Here is a photograph, taken on a separate occasion of several of the MCC’s Cup winning players.

winning MCC team