We have a winner!

Congratulations to the RAC, who won their game last night against The Athenaeum by 6 boards to 1 and consequently win the Hamilton Russell Cup 2012/13 outright.

The MCC were one point away in second and Oxford & Cambridge took third place.


1.  Royal Automobile Club           15


2.  Marylebone Cricket Club       14


3.  Oxford & Cambridge Club     12


4.  Oriental & East India Clubs     11


5.  Chelsea Arts  Club                    6


5.  Athenaeum Club                      6


7.  Hurlingham Club                       4


8.  Reform Club                              3


9.  Roehampton Club                   1

I’d like to thank all the teams for making the HR Cup such an enjoyable event.


An HR Cup game from 1933 by Sir John Simon

There is a record of a very early game from the Hamilton-Russell Cup, which I found in Edward Winter’s article on a chess playing statesman Sir John Simon.

Sir John was Home Secretary (1915 and 1935-1937), Foreign Secretary (1931-1935), and Chancellor of the Exchequer (1937-1940). According to Winter: “In March 1935 he went to Berlin to negotiate with Hitler, and towards the end of that decade he was regarded as Neville Chamberlain’s right-hand man.”

Sir John Simon was also an avid chess player. In 1933, the Milwaukee Sentinel carried an amusing article about his devotion to the game.

Thanks to Winter, we have a game of Sir John’s in the HR Cup!

A fun game it is too!

The match was Sir John Simon (Reform Club) playing white against W.H. Williamson of the Authors’ Club.

The tournament was referred to as Hamilton-Russell Cup (Social Clubs), London, 1933

And the opening was the Albin Counter-Gambit

I have uploaded the game so that you can run through it. You may need to download CB Light first, if so, please follow the instructions.