MCC beat The Athenaeum

The MCC won away from home against The Athenaeum.

The match score currently stands at 1-4. Note: The board two game between Felix Oyens and Adam Eckersley-Waites was scheduled for a later date, however, with the match’s outcome in no doubt there is a possibility it might be cancelled.

The match card thus far (Athenaeum players listed first):

Peter Lee 0.5 Tom Eckersley-Waites  0.5

Russell Campbell 0.5 Gary Senior 0.5

David Shankland 0.0 Dominic Lawson 1.0

David Taylor 0.0  Ed Goodall 1.0

Paul O’Prey 0.0  Chris Waites 1.0


Chelsea Arts beat Hurlingham

Chelsea Arts won away from against the Hurlingham 1.5-4.5

Match card below (Hurlingham first)

Stephen Quartermaine v Richard Black 0-1

Michael Yeoh v Isambard Thomas 0-1

Robert Gordon v Mile Radcliffe 0.5-0.5

Richard Patterson v Joe Coles 0-1

Alan Jeffreys v Lino Mannocci 1-0

Philip Fleury v Marc Wolff 0-1

RAC beat the MCC

The RAC away from home beat the MCC 3.5-4.5 in the Cup.

Match card below (RAC players first):

Roger Emerson 1         v         0       Adam Eckersley-Waites

Natasha Regan 0   v         1       Gary Senior

Stephen Meyler   0         v         1      Dominic Lawson

Colm O`Shea   0         v         1       Ed Goodall

Lee Green    1         v         0       Nick Collacott

Trevor Dunmore  1         v         0       Chris Waites

Henry McWatters 1         v          0       David Bates

Rob Matthews    ½         v         ½        David Clarkson

There were also three friendly boards:

Robert Feather               0         v          1         Peter Rust

Colin Ferguson             0         v          1         Wil Ransome

Howard Wand              0         v          1          Geoff Dawson


East India and Oriental beat Hurlingham

The combined East India and Oriental team away from home beat The Hurlingham 1.5-6.5 in the Cup.

Match card below (EIC/ORI first):

Samuel Franklin (EIC) 1-0 Stephen Goss

Yaroslav Voropayev (EIC) 0.5-0.5 Mark Woloshyn

I.J. Parry (EIC) 1-0 Michael Yeoh

Hamilton McMillan (ORI) 1-0 Rupert Ratcliffe

Robert McClatchey (ORI) 1-0 Robert Gordon

Peter Haddock (ORI) 1-0 Richard Paterson

Nick Lloyd (EIC) 0-1 Alan Jeffries

Habib Amir (ORI)  1-0 Philip Fleury


National Liberal Club beat Chelsea Arts

The National Liberal Club away from home beat The Chelsea Arts Club in the Cup.

Full match card (Chelsea Arts players first):

Richard Black v Nick Kirby 1-0

Isambard Thomas v James Whitely 1-0

Mike Radcliffe v Paul Chamberlain 0-1

Joe Coles v Ben Widdicombe 0-1

Lino Mannocci v Mehul Trivedi 0-1

Tatiana Mallinson v Jay Dias 0-1