The First Inter-club Lightning Chess Tournament.

Congratulations to the National Liberal Club on the success of their excellent initiative, holding the first recorded inter-club lightning chess tournament.

Congratulations also go to the winner of the Ming Vase – Richard Hughes of the RAC.

Ben Widdicombe of the NLC has written a thoroughly entertaining account of the event on the excellent National Liberal Club Chess website. For more information, please read Ben’s full report

Oxford & Cambridge Defeat The Hurlingham

The Hurlingham Club lost at home in the Cup to the Oxford & Cambridge Club 1-6.

Board Colour Hurlingham Result Oxford & Cambridge
1 B Mark Woloshyn 0 1 Mike Smart
2 W Stephen Quartermaine 0 1 Nigel White
3 B Michael Yeoh 0 1 Ian Coleman
4 W Robert Gordon 1/2 1/2 Peter Webster
5 B Chris Clark 1/2 1/2 John Godfray
6 W Paul Mustafa 0 1 David Donaghy
7 B Philip Fleury 0 1 Kaushalya Kularatnam


Oriental and East India beat The Athenaeum

The combined Oriental and East India side beat The Athenaeum 3.5-2.5 at home in the Cup.

  1. Sam Franklin            1        v       0        Peter Lee
  1. Yaroslav Voropayev  1       v        0        Russell Campbell
  1. Hamilton McMillan    0       v        1        Felix Owens

4. Robert McClatchey  0       v        1        David Shankland

5. Colin Ferguson        ½       v        ½       Kester George

6. Callum Lee              1        v        0       Anthony Morris