Another successful Knights’ Tour

32 players gathered for the 4th annual Knights’ Tour.

It was a lot of fun, but these pensive looks below show that there was a lot of hard thinking going on:

thoughtful-2 thoughtful-3 thoughtful-4 thoughtful-5 thoughtful-6 thoughtful-7 thoughtful-8


The RAC, Reform, Athenaeum and Oxford & Cambridge hosted the games followed by a splendid dinner at the O&C.


The Plaudits went to Team 4 with a score of 3/3. The teams are listed below:

Team One

Miguel Sanchez (Capablanca Club)

Rob Matthews (RAC)

Peter Burgoyne (HAC)

Norman Britten (RAC)

Sheldon Marshall (RAC)

Danny Rosenbaum (Reform)

Gordon Hamme (NLC)

Teddy Bourne (Reform)

Team Two

Stephen Meyler (RAC)

Natasha Regan (RAC)

Richard Hall (Reform)

Richard Jones (RAC)

Stephen Hunt (RAC)

Paul Hendrick (Reform)

Habib Amir (ORI)

Alex Lynford (RAC)

Team Three

Nigel White (O&C)

John Godfray (O&C)

Tam Freestone Bayes (O&C)

Richard Hughes (RAC)

Benedikt Koehler (Reform)

Anne Abel Smith (Reform)

Alan Fishman (Reform)

Janine Mackinlay (RAC)

Team Four

Peter Lee (ATH)

Izzie Thomas (CAC)

Peter Rust (MCC)

Ian Reynolds (MCC)

Wil Ransome (MCC)

David Shankland (ATH)

Konstantin Yelin (REF)

David Longrigg (MCC)


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