The Knights’ Tour

The Knights’ Tour (our third so far) proved to be once again a very successful affair. It was held on Monday 21 September at The Reform, the Oxford & Cambridge, the RAC, and The Athenaeum, rounded off with dinner back at The Reform.
Congratulations to Team 3 that comprised of Nigel White (O&C), Vivian Woodward (O&C), John Godfray (O&C), Tam Freestone Bayes (O&C), Wil Ransome (MCC), David Longrigg (MCC), Sheldon Marshall (RAC), and Richard Friis Olsen (RAC) on winning with 3 out of 3 points.
It should be noted that Vivian Woodward and John Godfray were also part of last year’s winning team.

The other players were:
Richard Hughes (RAC)
Trevor Dunmore (RAC)
Piers Fox (RAC)
Phillip Henwood (RAC)
Danny Rosenbaum (REF)
Paul Hendrick (REF)
Konstantin Yelin (REF)
Anne Abel Smith (REF)
Peter Lee (ATH)
David Shankland (ATH)
Izzie Thomas (CAC)
Robert Gordon (HUR)
Richard Jones (RAC)
Stephen Hunt (RAC)
Alex Lynford (RAC)
Janine Mackinlay (RAC)
Richard Hall (REF)
Andrew Havery (REF)
Robert Feather (RAC)
Roland Saam (RAC)
Keith Richardson (MCC)
Ian Reynolds (MCC)
Frank Morgan (ATH)
David Taylor (ATH)

Thank you to everyone who took part and all the staff at the four host clubs that made this such an enjoyable event.

P1060545 P1060587 P1060539 IMG_4690 IMG_4699 IMG_4702



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