MCC win the Inter Club Speed Chess Tournament

These are the final standings for the speed chess (5 minutes a side) tournament with their number of points alongside:

1. Marylebone Cricket Club (A) 11
2. East India/Oriental (A) 9
Royal Automobile Club (A) 9
4. Marylebone Cricket Club (B) 8 ½
5. Chelsea Arts Club 7
6. Royal Automobile Club (B) 6 ½
7. Athenaeum 5
8. Oxford & Cambridge 3 ½
9. Hurlingham 3
10. Reform 2
11. Royal Automobile Club (C) 1 ½
12. East India/Oriental (B) 0

Congratulations to the MCC and to Robert Feather from the RAC (A) Team,
and Dominic Lawson and Tom Eckersley-Waites from the MCC (A) Team, who all won all their games.

The winning MCC side

The winning MCC side


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