Alexander Cherniaev Simultaneous

Peter Lee of The Athenaeum reports:

“17 players from various of the Hamilton Russell clubs attended the simultaneous display at the RAC on 26th March 2015. After an introduction by Peter Lee, the Russian Grand Master Alexander Cherniaev answered some questions by the participants and then play started. By about 10.00 pm, he had won 14 games, lost one, and drawn two. The loss was to Trevor Dunmore of the RAC whose mating attack got home just before the GM’s did, though with best play a draw by perpetual check should have been achieved. The draws with Stephen Meyler (RAC) and Stephen Quartermaine (Hurlingham) were both good games – Stephen Meyler was better for most of the game. My own game was very interesting and fluctuating, but I missed his neat breakthrough at the end, when the position had been unclear. Thanks are due to the RAC for their excellent hospitality.”

chernaiev simul 2 chernaiev simul 3 chernaiev simul 1


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