Daniel King at The Reform

Teddy Bourne, the Reform Club’s chess circle secretary reports on an enjoyable evening with GM Daniel King:

12 Reform Club members and 8 members of other Clubs enjoyed a fascinating talk by Grandmaster Daniel King in the Library on 18th December. Daniel started with a sketch of the political background to the match, including the tensions between the top officials of FIDE (an organisation of FIFA-style ill-repute), Russian President Vladimir Putin, Garry Kasparov (as aspiring President of FIDE), Magnus Carlsen, and potential sponsors, leading up to the venue (Sochi) and the prize money (one million euros) being provided by Russia. Then, using the display board, Daniel took us through the key positions of games 1, 2, 6 and 12 of the Championship series, in his usual vivid and lucid way. He drew a striking picture of the contrasts in style and personality between the two players: Carlsen young and fit, inclined to spend time playing other computer games rather than working on his chess preparation, frequently relying on his instinctive genius for brilliant tactical play, rather than careful book knowledge; and Anand, middle-aged, a little plump around the middle, always deeply prepared, instinctively cautious, but nevertheless capable of moments of inspiration in a tight corner. Daniel managed to fit a great deal of information and drama into the time available, and we could all have happily gone on listening to him for hours. We’re very grateful to Daniel for giving us such an interesting and instructive evening.
Below are links to a couple of photos of the event.


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