RAC beat O&C in a friendly

Last night saw a friendly at the O&C with David Jones playing top board, in celebration of his recent birthday, against former Varsity player Henry Mutkin. For ease of input, I have placed the RAC players first, although the match was actually played at O&C. The RAC came out on top 6 – 4.

1. Henry Mutkin             ½        v      ½      David Jones

2. Roger Emerson           ½        v       ½     Terry Chapman

3. Natasha Regan            ½        v       ½      Peter Webster

4. Stephen Meyler           1         v        0     Nigel White

5. Roger Smolski             1         v        0     Stuart White

6. Wayne Clark               ½        v        ½     Hasan Sari

7. Paul Weston                0         v        1     Tam Freestone-Bayes

8. Rob Matthews             1         v        0      Adrian Bingham

9. Mike McKinlay           1         v        0      Peter Gant

10. Sheldon Marshall       0        v        1      Lucas Carbonaro


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