Is it time to rewrite history?

In our table of past winners of the Hamilton-Russell Club we have always put the Authors’ Club down as winners in 1927, but this cutting from the Devon and Exeter Gazette from June 2 1927 suggests that it should be amended to a joint victory with the National Liberal Club. The two Clubs finished joint top and the play off ended in a draw. Does someone know of a further play-off?

The article is also useful for filling in the rest of the table:

  • Authors’ Club – 9 points
  • National Liberal Club – 9 points
  • RAC – 6 points
  • British Empire – 5 points
  • Carlton – 5 points
  • Conservative – 4.5 points
  • Junior Constitutional – 3 points
  • Reform – 2.5 points
  • Savile – 2 points
  • Athenaeum – 1 point

Here is a link for the pdf of the original article:

devon gazette june 2 1927 BL_0000511_19270602_096_0003


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