Two important Cup results this week

Athenaeum started climbing the table with a valuable 4-0 victory away from home against Roehampton.

In a clash that may well have a bearing on who will take home the Cup at the end of the season, RAC and MCC had a 4-4 score draw!

Here is the scorecard:

 Royal Automobile Club   v   Marylebone Cricket Club

RAC  Black  top board

1. Roger Emerson                  0        v       1        Adam Eckersley-Waites

2. Nigel Povah                       1        v       0        Tom  Eckersley-Waites

3. Henry Strausser                 1        v       0        Gary Senior

4. Natasha Regan                   0        v       1        Dominic Lawson

5. Stephen Meyler                 ½        v       ½      Keith Richardson

6. Robert Feather                   0         v       1       Ed Goodall

7. Lee Green                          1        v        0       Chris Waites

8. Fred Edge                          ½        v       ½      Peter Rust


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